The Right Combination

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Dr. Darouiche and Dr. Raad discovered that the pairing of minocycline and rifampin (M+R) produced a combination that is effective at protecting against a broad spectrum of organisms, including CNS, MRSA, VRE, VRSA, and several gram-negative bacteria.

Minocycline+rifampin is the most rigorously studied combination of antibiotics available on a catheter for reducing CLABSIs/CRBSIs through two distinct mechanisms of action. "Coated catheters with zone sizes of ≥ 15 mm were highly predictive of in vivo efficacy, whereby colonization of the indwelling catheter is prevented."1, citing 2

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Image used courtesy of I. Raad, MD, Chair, Department of Infectious Diseases. M.D. Anderson Cancer Center, University of Texas School of Medicine, Houston, Texas. Used with permission.

References – The Right Combination
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