A Guide for Patients with PICC Lines

Cook is dedicated to patient safety, and that commitment includes providing helpful information about how to care for a PICC line at home. The information in our patient guide is intended as a guideline. The best source of information about a PICC catheter will always be a physician. A nurse or doctor may alter the procedures that are described in our patient guide at any time in order to address a patient's individual vascular access needs.
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Cook's PICC patient guide includes the following topics:

PICC catheter maintenance schedule
Catheter ID card
What is a PICC catheter?
How is the PICC catheter used?
How is the PICC catheter inserted?
Exit-site care
Dressing changes
Showering and bathing
Flushing a PICC catheter
Changing the needleless injection cap
Glossary of terms